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The Washington Times - Inside the Beltway: Hank Williams Jr. tunes up

20120708-190453-pic-892108460jpgCountry music kingpin and patriot Hank Williams Jr. continues to sing of his politics, not to mention his vision for America and its citizenry. The man’s got a new album out Tuesday titled “Old School, New Rules,” complete with a few lyrics that go a little something like this:

“Don’t tread on me, political correctness has run its course’,” “Barack, pack your bags, head to Chicago, take your teleprompter with you,” “I got a list of taxes I thought were a joke — inheritance, death, say, any quarters in that coffin?” All are gleaned from Mr. Williams‘ 12 new songs; see the collection here:

He’s still rowdy. Consider a few of those titles: “Takin’ Back The Country”, “I’m Gonna Get Drunk And Play Hank Williams” — a duet withBrad Paisley) — plus “We Don’t Apologize for America” and “Stock Market Blues”.

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