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Exclusive! Hank Williams Jr. Talks New Album, Track By Track - Part 1

Bocephus speaks! (Well--as if he's ever had a problem with speaking his mind?) But this time, much to the pleasure of his loyal rowdy friends out there, he's speaking about his first new album in three years, Old School, New Rules.

In these two exclusive clips, Hank Jr. explains to Yahoo! Music the thoughts, stories, and songwriting processes behind each track on the new album. Junior's fired up in general this year after his much-reported split with ESPN in 2011 following a controversial appearance on Fox And Friends--and he's got plenty to say about the messages he's conveying on this record, including commentary on the military, markets, political talk shows, and the general state of the country.

But, true to form, Hank Jr. keeps it fun as well as directive. Keep an eye out for fellow legend the Hag (who appears on the new record) in these videos, as well as Jr.'s opinion on Waylon Jennings's take on a Hank Sr. classic. Oh yes, and why you should never kick a cow turd on a hot day (there is a presidential reference here--although don't worry, it's funny, not offensive!).

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