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Letter To My Fans

hankletterClick Here For PDF Version
Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fans and friends!

I felt that I had to THANK YOU and let all of you know how much I enjoyed the tour and the great year of 2012 that the GOOD PEOPLE of this country gave to me. We played twenty two cities and every night was either a record crowd for the venue or a NEW record in merchandise sales for the Hank team.

Our shirt and my song said, “Taking Back the Country!” Well, THINK ABOUT THIS: According to politico.com, which shows on a map a break-down of voting records for the recent election, 75 % of the counties in the U.S. were colored in ROMNEY / RYAN RED.

Let’s put that into perspective. Folks, only 16 counties in Ohio voted for “The Community Organizer.” That’s right, it was 4 to 1 AGAINST Obama, when you count the counties.

Even in Illinois, nearly 3 to 1 AGAINST OBAMA! Pennsylvania: only 11 counties were colored in blue for Obama. Michigan counties were 2 to 1 for Romney.

Why, even New York state nearly half of the counties were red for ROMNEY. Get the picture?!?!?

Of course, the southern and Midwestern “Heartland” states like Kentucky, Virginia, Texas, Indiana and Kansas were all a landslide for Romney / Ryan.

So, we’ve got a “TELEPROMPTER READING President,” because of Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, New York City and Philadelphia. Is the picture getting clearer?

Again, thank you for the energy and PASSION of 2012, like the night they BLEW THE ROOF OFF of the Iowa state fair in Des Moines for ME and MY VIEWS! I’m with YOU all.

I write my songs, make MY MUSIC and I and “we” (my fans and friends) WILL NOT BE SILENCED!

We will show you the website so that you can check all of the information for yourself.

http://www.politico.com/2012-election/map/ - /President/2012/

Hank “Rocking Randall” Williams, Jr

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