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Hank Jr. ready to heat up Michigan

hankjrBATTLE CREEK (WJRT) - (02/10/14) - Hank Jr. ready to heat up Battle Creek.

It's been a long, bone chilling winter in Michigan, but Saturday night, one of the most legendary performers in music is heading north to do his best to thaw out FireKeepers Casino in Battle Creek.

"Bocephus is always ready for a challenge!" Hank Williams Jr. tells ABC12's Mid-Michigan Music Scene. "You know, being the son of the world's most famous icon was not easy. I had big shoes to fill, and everyone expected me to be just like daddy. I was challenged with that from the age of 8 years old when momma put me on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. And I think I have overcome that challenge quite well."

The 64-year-old Williams certainly has, stepping out from his father's shadow in the mid-70s to establish a name for himself. And after decades of being a road dog, Hank says he's learned a bit about how to keep his audiences satisfied.

"Well, I only do about 25 shows a year, so I think not overdoing it has a lot to do with it. I used to perform 150 shows a year, traveling on a bus from day to day and it starts to get tiring. As you get older and you start to spend time hunting, fishing, with the kids, you realize that you worked hard when you were younger to be able to do the things you want now. So I tour around hunting season!!!"

And while his concert schedule has slowed over the years, Hank says don't expect it to ever stop completely while he's still around.

"I will never stop performing, that is why I am a performer. The number of shows may go up or down, but I will always perform."

With rabid fans across the country hoping for one of those 25 shows near them each year from Bocephus, the demand is high. But over the years, Michigan has had a unique attraction for him.

"My rebel son Kid Rock and I spent a ton of time there (in Michigan) over the past 15 years. I enjoy it there, on that back porch smoking a cigar with the trees and grass all green. It is nice to hang out there."

But it's not all hanging out with Kid Rock, hunting and fishing for Hank these days. He has also become a record executive, releasing his latest album Old School, New Rules in 2012 on his own Bocephus Records label. He doesn't have plans to become a music industry mogul at this point of his career, he just says this idea made sense.

"My executive team all said 'Why not? You do your own thing anyways'. So I decided to make a record, get a distribution source and release it. And we have sold over 150,000 copies, made the fans happy and I own the record. So it's all good!"

Williams hasn't started recording a follow-up release quite yet, but with the help of new technology, he says he's writing more and more songs these days.

"I write all the time and now that I have an iPad, I really write all the time. Never realized how much you can put on that thing. No more pieces of paper with ideas all over the house."

But Williams also says he knows how lucky he is to have people still wanting new music from him these days.

"I have the most loyal hardcore fans any artist could ever wish for."

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