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How Hank readies for some football

ESPN shot the opening video for the upcoming Monday Night Football season with Hank Williams Jr., last week at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Fla.

ESPN Vice President of Production Enhancements Bob Toms, who originally hired Williams to be part of MNF in 1989 when he was the producer for ABC Sports’ on-air promotion, discusses the shoot with Front Row and the work that goes into creating the video.


Ready for some football? Hank Williams Jr. says yes


Standing on a makeshift football field atop a soundstage in the middle of flashing lights, dancing cheerleaders and screaming fans, Hank Williams Jr. lifted his cowboy hat and belted out the words that for more than 20 years have become synonymous with the start of the NFL season.

Hank Williams Jr., the man who popularized the lyrics "Are you ready for some football?" was in Winter Park on Thursday recording the opening promo for the upcoming season that, right now at least, is still in limbo, with owners and players trying to strike a new labor deal.


Hank Williams Jr. MNF Shoot

hankwilliams ESPN is getting ready for some football.

On Thursday, country music legend Hank Williams Jr. filmed the Monday Night Football opening video that will be a part of the ESPN telecast each week this fall. The shoot took place at the Live Venue at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Fla., where ESPN launched a Sports Lab last year.

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